Our 4 themed rooms

Our 4 themed bedrooms

Share the intimacy of the legendary characters of the game Clue®

Colonel Mustard

Room for 2 people
Stay at the African bedroom of Colonel Mustard, colonist and retired army man.
His finest hour was in the desert war facing Rommel.
Discover his collection of authentic objects collected from his many missions in the African continent.
Stay in this warm bedroom full of history. You will be guaranteed to feel away from home here.

This comfortable bedroom included a boxspring bed with a connecting shower and toilet.
Breakfast included:€ 90,00 (€ 80 for 2 nights or more)

Miss Rose

Room for 2 people
Pay a visit to the romantic bedroom of Miss Rose, the sentimental lady who loves to relax in her antique bath. 

In this alcove, time seems to stop. 
Find yourself in the dreamy and nostalgic décor.
Stay in her pretty bedroom with its individual bathroom and toilet. 

Give yourself the rest you deserve in a beautiful bath with ornamental legs.

Breakfast included: € 100.00 (€ 90 for 2 nights or more)

Prof. Violet

Room for 2 people
Prof. Violet, anthropologist, ethnologist and botanist, specialises in unusual continents and especially Asia and the Pacific.

The bedroom contains rich colours and a taste for adventure.
Let yourself get taken by the magic of Asia.
Guaranteed exotic surroundings for meditation and yearning of the oriental nights.

The shower space reminds anyone of eastern Hamman. 
The bedroom also contains a comfortable boxspring bed and an adjacent private toilet.  

Breakfast included:  90,00 (€ 80 for 2 nights or more)

Mister Dorian Grey

Room for 2 people
Mister Dorian Grey’s modern bachelor pad has aesthetic taste, as he was a seasoned collector and follower of works of art. 
The design of the room has 50 shades of a cultivated dandy.

Immerge yourself in the refined universe of this perfect gentleman at ease.
Lose yourself in the bedroom that breathes refined design.
Share your space with the likes of Mondriaan, Rietveld, Wassily…

This room of class stimulates the senses in utter elegance.
Modernity is found also in the water room.

Breakfast included: € 90,00 (€ 80,00 for 2 nights or more)
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